Live on Purpose


Are you ready to step into the next year with intention and purpose? This workshop is designed for those eager to clarify and articulate their present values and to realize their goals.

Join us for an to explore your purpose and drive for the coming year. We will discover ways to live and act with integrity and focus

If you are interested hosting this 2 hour workshop for a group, please contact Melissa Vallarelli or Melissa Merres for details.


Your facilitators: Melissa Vallarelli and Melissa Merres.


Melissa Vallarelli is a business and career coach who works with ambitious clients who are looking to grow their business or advance their career.  While recognizing the unique challenges that face business owners and professions, Melissa holds firmly to the belief that her clients each possess the qualities, tools and resources to achieve the success they are seeking.  Through honest and direct coaching, Melissa works along side clients to clarify vision, enhance confidence and minimize distractions.  Melissa will set challenges and hold accountability as clients will work to develop purposeful targets for success and achieve those milestones by leaning in with fierce courage.    

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Melissa Merres is a life and relationship coach who gets to support people in honoring the journey of coming to love who they are and celebrate who they mean to be. She specializes in overcoming relationship conflict at home, at work, and within families. Melissa's coaching is based on the philosophy that all clients are whole, competent, creative, and resourceful. As a relationship coach, she brings years of experience and a vast knowledge of tools to her work. Melissa works from a strengths-based approach to relationships, guiding people to bring their best, most hopeful and playful energy to the process, and to focus on building more of what's right.