Vallarelli Coaching

Melissa Vallarelli,

Career and Business Coach, CPCC

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Those who succeed, in business and in life, rarely do it entirely on their own.  Success comes with an awareness that having the right team in place to support you can make all the difference. 


My coaching is designed for ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready to get to work building, growing and maintaining their career and business goals.  Together we will work to develop goals, focus ideas, build leadership and get into action around clear and measurable targets.  


Career Coaching

Whether you are looking to accelerate your current career goals or are considering a change in direction, having a coach in your corner will ensure that those aspirations become reality.  Vallarelli coaching supports professionals by helping clients realize and lean into their strengths in order to achieve their career goals.    

"The secret to success in the workplace is about finding that sweet spot where what you love intersects with what you are good at."  ~Melissa

Business coaching

Being a successful entrepreneur takes not only knowing the path to success, but also being able to navigate that path with boldness and agility while ignoring the distractions that stand in your way.  Vallarelli Coaching helps entrepreneurs by working to clarify vision, strengthen leadership and minimize distractions.   

"I coach because I love a good success story.  Entrepreneurs are, by nature, generators of success stories.  To walk along side clients, offering honesty, accountability and perspective, while they write their own successes, is truly a thrill."  ~Melissa

bacKGROUND and experience

Melissa is a Life Coach with a background in consulting and finance.

Melissa is a graduate of Colgate University, with a major in Psychology and a minor in Sociology and Anthropology. She received her coach training through CTI and is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC).   

Melissa began coaching in 2013.  Her clients are based across the US and internationally. 

Prior to coaching, Melissa spent 15 years as a consultant and finance executive, developing corporate strategy for growth and profitability.  

Melissa utilizes her tools as a coach as well as her business background to work with clients in areas such as:

  • New business start up

  • Small business growth and profitability

  • Sales team management

  • Professional development / Career advancement

  • Work life balance

  • Coach training / CTI certification